Pathways towards electric and sustainable corporate mobility

About the project

Pathways towards electric and sustainable
corporate mobility

Companies have a major influence on the vehicle market. Company fleets make up more than 60 percent of all new passenger car registrations in Germany - from the city car to the luxury saloon. But as of now, there are only a few pioneers who are consistently focusing on electric mobility and sustainability in their procurement of vehicles. This is where the compan-e project comes in.

The aim is to highlight pathways towards electric and sustainable corporate mobility. Three main measures are planned to achieve this:

  • Scientific monitoring of selected companies
  • Networking among the partner companies, with other companies and with experts
  • Preparation of information material and establishment of communication structures in order for other companies to benefit from the experience gained through the practical examples, even beyond the duration of the project

The participating companies cover a wide range of industries: transport (Deutsche Bahn), energy supply (EnBW), facility management (Gegenbauer), insurance (R+V), communication (Telekom Mobility Solutions). They have set themselves the binding goal of significantly increasing the proportion of electric vehicles in their fleets and making their corporate mobility more sustainable, for example by optimizing work steps and linking different modes of transport.

The project is managed and scientifically monitored by the Öko-Institut. Through the involvement of Agora Verkehrswende and the Foundation 2°, the findings of the project will not only be made available to other companies but will also feed into the public debate and the further development of the legal framework.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.

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Kick-off workshop: Electric mobility in company fleets

3 March 2020

For the launch of the compan-e project, the project partners met in Berlin on 5 March to discuss the prospects for electromobility in company fleets and to agree on the first steps. Öko-Institut, Agora Verkehrswende and Foundation 2° made an introduction to the project. Following that, the five companies involved - Deutsche Bahn, EnBW, Gegenbauer Facility Management, R+V Versicherung, Telekom Mobility Solutions - presented the role that electromobility already plays in their fleets and their plans for the coming months.

The contributions made it clear that the participants have a great interest in cross-industry cooperation. The holistic approach is firmly anchored in everyone's agenda. They are not only concerned about increasing the proportion of electric vehicles in their fleets, but also about creating the necessary charging infrastructures and, in addition, orienting their mobility systems towards sustainability. These reach from alternatives to the company car and business trip regulations to linking electric cars, bicycles, buses and trains.

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